COVID-19 FAQs: Common Questions about the Coronavirus

COVID-19 FAQs for Rheumatology Patients at AOCBV

With the pandemic going on recently, we have been getting asked a lot questions from our patients about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it effects your treatment at AOCBV. Therefore, we decided to put together our COVID-19 FAQs for our patients.

COVID-19 FAQs: How this Might Affect Patients of AOCBV

  1. Do I need to stop my medications or infusion?
    No, continue all medications as prescribed and if you become sick, please call our office for guidance.
  2. If I have recently traveled can I still get my infusion?
    If you recently went to high risk areas, such as New York, California, or Washington State, the CDC recommendation is self-quarantine for 2 weeks.
  3. What precautions do I take?
    Following the CDC guidelines, hand washing, limit on social gatherings and if you are symptomatic with dry cough and/or fever, call your PCP or go to urgent care for guidance.
  4. Should I go to work due to my diagnosis?
    If you are concerned about going to work, please call our office. This will be advised on an individual basis by the physician.
  5. Will the Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic of Brazos Valley be closing their office?
    No, we are not closed. However, we are pre-screening patients before they come in. For those who are eligible, we are offering virtual visits.
  6. What is the distance necessary between persons to avoid contagion?
    6 feet
  7. Should I keep my appointment?
    Yes, as long as you are feeling well. We are cleaning between every patient and putting in place protocols for everyone’s safety in our medical clinic and infusion suite to limit patient contact.

For more information on Coronavirus for rheumatic disease patients, check out the video below or check out the CDC’s website.

 Don’t hesitate to contact us here at AOCBV with the link below if you have any questions.

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