What are the Causes of Back Pain?

causes of back pain

Back pain is one of the most comment ailments. It interferes with work, reduces your ability to enjoy life and may lead to complications that can worsen the pain. Back pain is such a prevalent condition that roughly half of all Americans suffer from it each year. By better understanding the causes of back pain, as well as the symptoms of back pain, you will be able to recognize it and take the first steps necessary to treat it.

Causes of Back Pain

Your back contains an intricate series of structures. It incorporates bones, nerves. ligaments, cartilage and countless other tissues. Damaging one of these structures can affect the overall condition of your back.

For example, rupturing a ligament can cause inflammation in the back. This inflammation is a natural part of healing. However, it can press down upon nerves or mis-align discs due to the additional pressure.

Even after the cause of the inflammation subsides, the effects may still remain apparent. This can allow back pain to persist even when you are fully recovered.

The causes of back pain can include the following:

  • Injury from repeated motions or exercises
  • Improper balance on the feet or legs
  • Traumatic injury for sports, car accidents or other events
  • Deficiency in nutrients like calcium or Vitamin D
  • Autoimmune conditions that may affect the soft tissue of the back

Other conditions may also cause back pain, which makes a one-on-one diagnosis essential to understanding why your back hurts.

Symptoms Associated with Back Pain

While the most common symptom of back pain is chronic pain, other symptoms may exist. These include the following:

  • Weakness
  • Reduced energy
  • Headaches
  • Soreness in the back
  • A limited range of motion
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Trouble sleeping

Risk Factors for Back Pain

Back pain tends to more prevalent in the following:

  • Older individuals
  • People exposed to repetition, such as factory workers
  • Patients with autoimmune conditions
  • Individuals who may lack a healthy diet
  • Overweight or inactive individuals

These are just the most common risk factors for back pain. Other factors can include gender, socioeconomic status and your career focus.

Preventing and Treating Back Pain

The most effect way to prevent back pain is to treat the underlying causes. This may mean opting for surgery or therapy designed to strengthen the muscles of the back, undergoing corrective surgical procedures or utilizing anti-inflammatory agents. PRP Therapy may also be an effective option for back pain treatment when the pain is resistant to traditional therapeutic techniques.

Changes to diet and exercise may prove to be beneficial in treating most light back pain. These changes can alleviate some of the stress on the back while teaching the body to realign itself in healthier ways.

The bottom line pertaining to back pain is that it requires a personalized approach. No two cases of this condition are exactly the same, and treatment needs to be just as unique.

If you are suffering from back pain, or you are concerned about some of the symptoms above, then contact us here at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic. We will work with you to schedule a convenient diagnosis and consultation appointment, which we can then use to begin drafting the most effective back pain treatment to correct the causes of your back pain.

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