How to Manage Psoriatic Arthritis Flare-Ups and Get Symptom Relief

how to manage Psoriatic Arthritis Flare-Ups

Taking action at the very first sign of a Psoriatic Arthritis flare-up can help to ease your symptoms and minimize its effects, including joint damage. Therefore, we have put together a few ways on how to manage Psoriatic Arthritis flare-ups.

How to Manage Psoriatic Arthritis Flare-Ups

A variety of factors can trigger Psoriatic Arthritis flare-ups. Stress, infections such as HIV or strep throat, a physical injury or smoking, are just a few potential causes that may activate your immune system.

When this occurs, your joints might begin to feel swollen, tender and stiff, and you might develop areas of tendinitis or swelling of an entire finger or toe. However, it’s also possible that you won’t have swelling during a flare-up. Your main symptom may only be fatigue.

Easing Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis Flare-Ups

Decrease Pain and Stiffness

Nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or naproxen can be beneficial for occasional discomfort. Ask your doctor about increasing the dose during a flare-up.

Additionally, you can try heat or ice at the source of discomfort. However, if the pain persists, contact your doctor at AOCBV and we can recommend a treatment plan that is right for you.

Incorporate Arthritis-Friendly Exercise

Proper exercise is necessary for keeping joints and tendons loose, strengthening muscles and maintaining a healthy weight. Try gentler exercises during a flare-up, such the following:

  • walking
  • swimming
  • yoga

If your condition is keeping you from exercising, contact your doctor at AOCBV and we can recommend a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Reduce Stress

Not only is stress a Psoriatic Arthritis trigger, it can make you more sensitive to pain as well. According to a report published in 2015 in the American Journal of Public Health Research, taking several deep breaths and letting go of tension will help you regain calm.

Additionally, you can try stress-relieving techniques such as guided imagery, suggests the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

What AOCBV Can Do for You

These are just a few tips on how to manage Psoriatic Arthritis flare-ups. However, some flares require more than self-management. We encourage our patients to check in with our rheumatologists if you are feeling unsure about handling symptoms on your own.

Our doctors at AOCBV envision a Rheumatology practice that provides superior patient care, implements state of the art therapy and technology, and coordinates care with allied fields. Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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