Osteoarthritis Treatment for Pain in Your Joints

Osteoarthritis Treatment for Pain in Your Joints

Osteoarthritis is a disease that results when the cartilage in between your joints breaks down. You need this cartilage because it is what your body has that acts as a shock absorber. We will discuss Osteoarthritis treatment for pain in your joints.

Osteoarthritis Treatment for Pain in Your Joints

In a healthy individual, when there’s damage to their cartilage, it is repaired and replaced. Unfortunately, some individuals develop an imbalance where their cartilage doesn’t replace fast enough to keep up with the cartilage that breaks down. As a result, unnecessary friction occurs in the bones at the joints. This leads to a person having painful, tender joints that result in limited joint movement.

Osteoarthritis can drastically reduce a person’s quality of life. It can make it so that a person no longer engages in activities that they once loved or that they once found enjoyable. Now they avoid these aspects of life for fear of the pain that they could cause. As such, many people seek Osteoarthritis treatment at AOCBV.

Who Can Develop Osteoarthritis?

Just about anyone can develop Osteoarthritis. However, there are some factors that may increase your risk of getting this disease. The first one is age. We say this because a good portion of individuals who have Osteoarthritis are over 50.

Second, genetics plays a role. Therefore, individuals can inherit Osteoarthritis. Third, researches have seen a link between hormone imbalances and the development of Osteoarthritis. However, if these women take estrogen replacement hormones, they may not develop Osteoarthritis.

Fourth, there has been a link between injuries, trauma and Osteoarthritis. This is especially the case when the injury develops in the knee. Connected to this are injuries in relation to a person’s job. Many reports show a link between Osteoarthritis and individuals who have jobs where their joints are repeatedly put under stress. This includes those who do things such as operate a jackhammer or individuals who work in coal mines, farmers and cotton pickers.

Obesity is a fifth factor that put you at risk of developing Osteoarthritis. Multiple studies show a strong link between obese women and developing Osteoarthritis in their knees.

Sixth is nutrient deficiency. Not receiving a sufficient amount of vitamin D may predispose you to develop Osteoarthritis, or it may make your Osteoarthritis worse.

What Are My Options for Osteoarthritis Treatment?

The Osteoarthritis treatment options are going to vary depending on how severe your condition is, as well as other illnesses that you might have. AOCBV bases treatment on the idea of controlling pain, minimizing inflammation and increasing strength and flexibility. We also advise our patients to take initiative and educate themselves about Osteoarthritis, as this is going to help them as they go through physical therapy or occupational therapy. This is also going to help them seem the link between proper nutrition, healthy weight and correcting Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis can be life altering. However, with the proper measures, it is an ailment that our doctors can treat. Schedule an appointment at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic of Brazos Valley with the link below to learn more about Osteoarthritis treatment for pain in your joints.

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